Fast Pass
Unlimited Washes

With the iWash Fast Pass Tag, there is no limit to the number of times you can wash your car each month at iWash Express. You fast pass bar codecould theoritically drive through every day, or every hour, if you want. The Fast Pass Tag is, however, not transferable among your cars: it can only be used on the car to which it is registered.


How the Endless Wave Tag Works

With an Fast Pass Tag, simply drive up to the pay station and the gate will automatically open for you. Drive around to the conveyor entrance and our computer will automatically dispense the wash with the registered Fast Pass program you purchased.

How much is it?

Sign up for the Fast Pass Tag and we’ll debit your credit card every month with the approiate fee for the wash you chose. Every time you wash your car, our system recognizes your unique Fast Pass RFID tag. The more you wash, the lower your average price per wash. In other words, the more you wash, the more you save.


Enroll Today

Come by and our iWash Express Manager can enroll you instantly. Your Fast Pass tag will be installed on the spot and you’ll be ready to wash your car to your heart’s content.