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iWash Fundraising

iCar Wash Express is pleased to announce their new Fund Raising Participation Program. We make holding a Fund Raising Car Wash event easy! We provide the facility, information sheets, and the car wash cards. All you need to provide are the contributors who are in need of a clean vehicle! Receive 30% of the cost.

Who Qualifies:

Churches, Schools, Local Service Clubs — any non-profit organization

How Does Your Organization Benefit:

Joining forces with a LOCAL well-recognized non-profit organizations that is concerned about the community. Offering a quality service that almost anyone can use. Protecting the environment by eliminating pollution generated from parking lot car washes that contaminate our rivers and streams.

How It Works:

The way it works is we give you half off on all our washes and detailing services. You in return sell the cards at our valued retail prices and your organization gets to keep the profits.


That's like giving 30% of the cost for each car wash.

How To Start:

The iWash Express Carwash at (951) 243-1600 and make an appointment.


The office is located at
23550 Sunnymead Blvd.
Moreno Valley, CA 92553.


You will need to bring a driver’s license and information on the non-profit organization.

Simplest way to raise funds for non-profits

Sell at retail and your non-profit organization keeps the rest. Raising large sums of money quickly, with no products to buy.